With the dynamically changing situation in Ukraine, it is imperative for representatives of NGOs, IOs, academics, and policymakers to meet and have valuable discussions on how to tackle the challenges ahead. The Summit will serve that function, as professionals from all walks of life will have the opportunity to meet and share ideas and experiences during round-table discussions, presentations, workshops, panels and other accompanying events. The idea behind the W4UA Summit is to provide a forum for cross-sectoral dialogue and networking.

For 3 days – from the 7th to the 9th of December 2022 – G2A Arena in Rzeszów will host the most significant event of this kind.

The organizer of the W4UA Summit is the W4UA Foundation. The statutory goals of the Foundation is to integrate and support efforts by NGO’s, municipal institutions, businesses and private persons for the good of the Ukrainian nation. The Foundation also advocates the furthering of Human Rights initiatives, civil society and the values which are the setting stones for the European Union.

The Summit is finance from Founder and Foundation funds, ticket sales and sponsorships.


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Event Details

Day 1: December 07, 2022
Start time: 09:00
End time: 17:00

Day 2: December 08, 2022
Start time: 09:00
End time: 17:00

Day 3: December 09, 2022
Start time: 09:00
End time: 17:00

Venue: G2A Arena, Rzeszow-Jasionka

Directions: Jasionka 953, 36-002 Jasionka, Poland

Phone: +48 723 668 124

Email: contact@w4ua.com